As a musician I have always been drawn to jazz and improvisation. What is life but a fabulous spur of the moment activity?


However hard we try and contain our ideas within structures and formula we also love to think outside of the box, try new things or look for changes to improve and express ourselves more clearly or just differently. As a musician I love reading other people's ideas but it is also important to stretch people to think and express themselves too. I think jazz does this really well. So as a musician I play in all kinds of bands and groups as well as putting together my own projects too. I work with seasoned professionals and young musicians too.


As technology has developed musicians also have the opportunity to record and shape sound in staggering ways. I have also developed this aspect of my work often combining it with photogrpahy and film to make sound installations, sound scapes or just intriguing recordings.



If you have an idea you want to develop then please contact me at



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